Can't Download Anything

Recently went on the store. Saw may things were “Free”, so I tried to download some apps. The only one I was able to download was the new Virtual Boy App. Everything else that said “Free” resulted in an “error.” Not sure what I’m supposed to do.

Hey @shikaka, please reach out to so they can get to the bottom of your issue. Apps download normally on my device, so the anomaly seems to be local to your device.

Today I have switched on my Lumepad at work after sometime, and according to Leia appstore (ver 2.5.525) there was an update for LeiaPix (in the device is 2.5.19068) and for Mozaik. However when I try to update I get the error “uh oh, download failed”. I have tried to change network but same error. Firmware results updated (LUME_UI_1.4.4_LPD10_RoW) as well as all other software.

Hey @m.farina, this is a known bug we’re trying to fix right now.