Charging issues?

Any idea why my phone charger won’t charge the Lume Pad? This is my second one and neither would charge with it all though every other device I own charges with it just fine.

The charging light turns on. Then a a minute or two later it turns off. Then a few seconds later turns back on with the charging sound. Over and over.

Even turning the tablet in the charging happens on and off. The screen keeps turning back on with the Android screen then the percentage of the battery. And the light turns on. Then a few moments later the light turns off. The tablet turns off and it repeats.

Its kinda annoying.

What’s the wattage on your chargers? Many devices these days have “Power Delivery” spec requirements related to wattage and other technical requirements. Lume Pad is one such device.

For more about USB-PD, read this link here: USB Charger (USB Power Delivery) | USB-IF