Connecting an iPhone 15 Pro USB C to LumePad2

I’ve been taking Spacial Videos on my iPhone 15Pro Max. Is there a way for the LumePad 2 to recognize the Camera Roll and transfer videos directly? Have tried…

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Hi David,

At this time you’ll have to convert your spatial photos and videos to SBS to view on the Lume Pad 2 and transfer either through MicroSD card, Google Drive etc since Apple and Android are two different platforms.

Here is Hugh Hou’s resource for getting started. If you look in the description you will fina a link to an app currently in beta for iPhone that can convert them.

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Hi Marion - I’ve been using Spatialify , on the iPhone, to convert the videos. Hoping for a shortcut to transfer the sxs vids to the LumePad. Now using AirDrop from the phone to the iMac, then Android File Transfer.
Just used Apple Mail Drop to send a video, as an attachment, to my LumePad GMail, then copied the download to my Movies folder…

That seems a bit too complicated. Why use iMac inbetween at all?
I would just upload from iPhone to a folder on google drive and autosync that folder on LP2 to movies folder.

I use an USB C attached SSD. Export “Spatialify” directly to SSD to save iPhone storage, then just attach SSD via USB C to Nubia pad and play directly from there, also saving space on the tablet.
Has anyone figured out a way to edit these videos?

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If you export as SBS, quite a few apps support stereo 3D editing, including Final Cut Pro X, Da Vinci Resolve, and some versions of Vegas.

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Hi Nima: is there a way to use a shutter remote to trigger the LeiaCam via Bluetooth? I purchased 3 for Android devices and they all triggered the volume control rather than the camera shutter. Usually one can change this in the tablet volume/sound settings but the option to change to shutter is not available on the Nubia tablet.

Currently we don’t have a Bluetooth shutter feature in LeiaCam.