Converting turntable video or 3D-rendering using 4V-camera?

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I have some questions regarding this wonderful tech:

Is there a visual difference between displaying a .fbx + textures that is animated, or a rendered animation on the .fbx as videoformat?

Seeing as there is a video converter, is it still necessary to use these tools (link) when I already rendered the animation as .mp4? Using Blender for LitByLeia Displays - Developer Docs

Or can I just render an animation (like a funky rotating shape) and convert it as stated here: ?


attached is an example


If you view an FBX in LeiaViewer, you will have interactivity / resizing / rotations and visual options you can select.

If you render an Orbital Lightfield video using Lightfield Studio, you will lose those abilities, but can instead have an infinitely looping video of the object rotating in one direction that may be higher visual quality than what you can get out of LeiaViewer. In addition, you can tune the depth to be perfect.

When showing artistic content to viewers, you may prefer going the Orbital Video route. But if you or those you’re showing the content to need interactivity, then LeiaViewer is the way to go.

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I was also wondering what happens with the background? For example with objects as artistic content, is it possible to just show the object and not the background ((in the image above it`s black)?


The conversion will look exactly like whatever video you feed into it. For example, the animation you posted above will have a black background.

In general, I recommend NOT using black as a background, however. High contrast scenes may cause issues with crosstalk so it won’t have a clean effect.

Adding some kind of textured background recessed back behind your 3D object would be ideal. Anything from a grey textured background or a gradient or anything like that would work great.

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I think I grasp what could go wrong. So for example using a gray background in the video, and having the tablet against a gray wall/panel, could enhance the overall experience?

You just want to limit high contrast sections to eliminate crosstalk, which is a type of stereo artifact.

Black backgrounds against light objects cause high contrast.