LeiaPlayer convert 3d 2d movie onfly/Live?

Hello everyone, im new here, is my 1st post!
Is possible a feature for LeilaPlayer that able convertion of movie 2D on 3D onfly / live?

Thanks forum is cool!

Hi @3DLife,

LeiaPlayer can only do 2D to Lightfield Conversion on photos right now.

You can do 2D to Lightfield Video Conversion using Lightfield Studio on MacOS or Windows.

Thanks a lot for the reply Nima! I see Lightfield is bit heavy software what is Recommended & Minimum Computer Configurations of Computer to use it?

Another question if i use a 3rd software to use videocamera in background how select 3D camera mode that is beta i tried different option but only 2D movie is recorder. Thanks!

Here’s some additional information about it: https://docs.leialoft.com/developer/lightfield-studio/getting-started

Video can only be captured in 3D in LeiaCam, and can not be shot in 3D on 3rd party apps.

Thanks a lot for everything! :wink:

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