Desktop Uploader and Viewer

Is their a way to directly upload photos and videos from a desktop system? I have content to share but it’s too cumbersome to transfer first it to my Lume Pad. Thank you.

Hey @zwikelVR,

Not totally sure what you mean. What type of content are you trying to upload? Where are you trying to upload it?

There is a desktop (web) uploader for Lightfield video for uploading to LeiaStream.

For Lume Pad, the simplest way to get content onto it is simply connnecting a USB cable.

If you’d like to wirelessly send content to Lume Pad, you can use a variety of different cloud storage systems, or even simply email (as long as the 3D file is less than 25MB for most email systems).

I mean upload it to the LeiaPix servers so it’s available for anyone with a Lume Pad to view using LeiaPix.

Currently LeiaPix is only supported on Leia devices, so you must upload to LeiaPix using those devices. Other platforms may be supported in the future.

It would really help to just have a simple uploader for desktop devices. Full LeiaPix support is not needed. Just a quick and easy way to upload existing 3D content that was produced on other devices such as 3D camera systems. It’s just not practical to first copy the content to a LumePad and then upload.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve been looking into a web version of LeiaPix for quite sometime. A standalone app for desktops is unlikely, but a web version may come in the future.


A web version would be fine. From your comments it sounds like it’s doable but not a priority. Is there an API available that we could use to create our own uploader?

Hi @zwikelVR, we’ve thought about this, but due to the need to authenticate with Google through our login system and retain a token before uploading to LeiaPix, building an API is significantly more complicated than we initially thought.

Your feedback has been heard, hopefully we can offer solutions for this in the future.