Exporting depth data for use with a 3d printer

Hi I’m hoping a mod can stick this in the right category. I recently got a 3d printer. I haven’t played much with it yet, but it seems like it would be an ideal medium for 3d prints. Can anyone speak to this? Thanks in advance!

Hey @J.ponter,

Usually for 3D prints you need a 3D model. Though you can preview with LeiaViewer, you’ll need another 3rd party app like PolyCam or other photogrammetry application on Android to capture and print them.

However, if you take a picture with LeiaCam, you can upload it to the LeiaPix Converter and export the image’s depth map. If you can generate something you can print from the depth map, then you might be able to do some cool stuff!

You won’t have many applications in 3d printing, but the best 3d experience that is available.