Extracting 2d to 3d converted lightfield files / retrieve depthmap

How do i extract a lightfield photo file converted 2d to 3d file extract the depthmap file to export to other devices such as a oculus quest?

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@marklck There currently isn’t a first party method to inject / extract depth maps from LIF files, but there are 3rd party tools like StereoPhoto Maker and H4VTools that seem to have some basic support for manipulating LIF files. There’s also an app our community member @jakedowns has been working on with many options.

We’re working on first party tools, but it will be a while before it’s available.

There isn’t a good path to get 2D to 3D converted LIF files viewable on Oculus Quest, but other LIF files with two albedos (like those shot with Lume Pad) can be exported to SBS from LeiaPlayer and viewed easily in VR headsets including Quest.


ill look into putting an apk of what i have so far on github :slight_smile: