Face tracking not the same as eye tracking?

Idle curiousity question, really.

I had made a lazy assumption that the LumePad 2 was eye tracking in order to send correct image to each eye.

But one of your apps is called Leia Face tracking, and my recent experiments with AR technology showed basic face/headtracking.

So is the LumePad 2 determining my face position and sending the left image to the left-hand side of my face (where, luckily, I keep my left eye) and the same with right?

You’re correct that face tracking isn’t the same as eye tracking.

Usually the term used for eye tracking is “gaze tracking”, and we are not tracking your gaze as that’s more invasive than just steering the 3D image to your face.

We may add gaze tracking to future devices and our SDK, but we don’t want to make it a requirement because face tracking as a minimum spec makes creating 3D devices more accessible with a lower barrier of entry. Doing high quality gaze tracking is hard, and thus more expensive.

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