Factory reset woes

Recently I had to reset my lume pad back to factory settings. I recovered most of my games and information.
However one particular game installs, loads, starts but when I goto interact with like pushing a button to continue there is a delay in the button pushing and said action. The game work before no problem. I tried several times uninstalling the game and reinstalling. Same issue.
I did contact support for the game and said there’s nothing wrong with the game on there side. I was just curious if anybody had a similar issue with an app or game. Suggestions on a fix if there is one. Thanks in advance.
P.s. the game is Mech Arena

I had to factory reset because of an android interface bug, it started with me wanting to re-arrange the ‘battery saving mode’ icon to the first line of icons. Shouldn’t have done that. Every time I opened that icon ‘tray’, instant crash… Luckily I was able to upload my media to the cloud still. I have a trace if anyone from leialoft is interested.