Feature Request: An alternative to batch processing 2d to 3d images

Hi there. I’m sure many others, like myself, have large photo libraries and albums and would love the ability to batch process photos. I’m sure that’s easier said than done though. I have encountered an issue when converting and think that the solution to this issue could be a stop-gap/alternative to batch processing.

The issue: I have a collection of sequential images. I would like a to convert one, then swipe to the next photo in sequence that is still 2d, then convert that image, then swipe again to the next sequential image, and so forth. As of now, whether it is on the tablet storage in the media gallery or it is stored on a microsd, when I convert an image in a sequence, it shows me the 3d conversion, but it takes me out of my image sequence. Swiping to the next photo does not bring me to the next image in the sequence, but rather a different image within the album hierarchy.

Solution: select a 2d image, in the background store data or a pointer to what the next photo is in the sequence (based on sorting structure), convert the image to 3d, and either place it back in sequence or use the pointer to background load the next image in the sequence.

Is this something that may be possible? From a usage standpoint, even doing things one by one, but in sequential order would be a massive improvement. It is currently challenging enough that I am hesitant to use the features as often as I would like since it requires excessive navigation. It currently works fine for just a single image I may want to convert, but for sequential images or a group, it is cumbersome.

Regardless, the device and implementations so far are splendid. Bravo and keep it up!


100% agree and this needs to be a priority. I just converted over 500 pics and it took hours and hours. Since you get reset to the front every time eventually you are scrolling through hundreds of pics just to get to the next 2D pic to convert. Unnecessarily cumbersome and could be easily fixed with an select all files in folder option and a batch convert selected files option. Would be nice to be able to select files from multiple folders as well so I can just select all of my 1000s of pics start conversion and walk away.

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