Batch conversion to LIF

Is there a way to convert a group of pictures from 2D to 3D on the Lume Pad?

Seems like you need to select each one and then toggle the switch.

Also, when you do that it changes the order of that photo in the folder to be the first photo, so when you swipe to get to the next one, you are not where you think you should be in that folder. V why is that and is there a fix?


Because when you convert a photo to 3D, it creates an entirely new file, and you have it sorted by date. The converted file’s date is the date you converted it, whereas your original file is the date the image was captured. You can adjust these options in LeiaPlayer and in Settings regarding whether to keep the original file or not.

Related to this, there seems to be a bug where when you click edit on a downloaded photo (like sbs created on iPhone 15 Pro) it often opens up the next image file to edit, instead of the one you where viewing when you click edit. Its a bit disorienting and the only way to fix it is to exit the edit mode, go back to the photo you intended to edit and click edit again. Not sure if you have experienced this, but it happens to me every time I edit downloaded 3D photos in LeiaPlayer

The same thing happens when I’m sorted by name.
After turning a 2D to 3D, if I swipe right it shows me the first picture in the group, even though when I go back to the overview view for that folder, the picture I just changed is in the middle of the group.

In other words, it hasn’t actually changed the position in the group, just when I’m in that detail view. Weird, right?

We have not seen this before. Can you please confirm which version of LeiaPlayer you’re using and on which device? And you’re editing from the “Downloads” folder?

This is Leia Player version 4.3.41785

I am not editing from downloads folder. I am using a folder I created in Internal Storage.