LeiaPlayer 3D images revert to 2D

I am experiencing a new issue in LeiaPlayer on my Lume Pad 2. When I load and view a 3D image, the image appears in 3D for several seconds and then reverts to a 2D image (the device still says 3D is displaying despite actually showing a 2D image). Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

This seems like FaceTracking isn’t working properly, as when a face isn’t detected the display reverts to 2D.

Make sure all Leia apps and services are updated in the Leia Appstore app, and then restart your device. Also, make sure your face is visible and you’re not using the device in the dark.

Hi Nima, thanks for the advice. Despite having tried resetting my tablet to solve the problem before I contacted support, another reset has solved the issue!