Feature request for LeiaPlayer

I have a small feature request for LeiaPlayer. When showing images from a folder in the File Browser, LeiaPlayer defaults to sorting files by “Date Created” and “Descending” order. I can understand why this is the default for the Camera Roll, since most people want to see their latest photos first. But for the stereo photos I have edited on my PC and transferred back to a folder on the Lume Pad, I have to change the sorting to “Filename” and “Ascending” order because I rename my files to specify the desired order. (Many photographers do this, since most image display software shows images in alphabetical order by default.) What’s annoying is that I have to change the sorting order every time I run LeiaPlayer. Is there any way that LeiaPlayer can remember the user’s sorting choice when it is not running? That would be very helpful. Thanks.


Hello, Love the unit, great battery life, 3D is outstanding.

Here are some recommendations for LeiaPlayer:

  1. When editing the parallax, could you extend the range on the scale that comes up? Some MPO files came out way off.
  2. Batch mode: I can convert each picture. However, there may be a group I would like to convert all at once. Can you add a select box and then convert 2D->3D for the selected pictures in more of a batch mode?
  3. Allow LeiaPlayer to read SD card. Under “File Browser” option, allow the view to see the SD card.
  4. Panoramic. It would be outstanding to be able to take a panorama photo!