File Browser Access

Question and Feedback.

How come, Leia Player has file browser, but no option to integrate / access cloud storage?
I.e OneDrive, dropbox, google drive?
Normally with other (non-Leia apps) I would have option to file browse outside my local storage.

Is this something that can be implemented?
I am so accustom to uploading all my 3D camera content on cloud to be able to easily access it across different devices and platform.

Is there a hardware or software limitation? Or just something that will be in future updates?

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These features haven’t been developed yet.

But is there a chance something like this can be in the talks?

Maybe not OneDrive or Dropbox, but Google Drive for an android tablet would be obvious.
This opens up storage space without using MicroSD only as an expansion.


ahh teasing me lol
I hope it is in the talks. Would be easier to access all my file :smiley:

Personally I have all 3D devices backing up on Google Photo and Amazon Photos. It would be very very useful to be able to open directly in Leiaplayer photos from at least Google photo, maybe mimicking what done in Leia Tube. As matter of fact in Lume Pad 2, Google Photo if I click “share” I see Leiaplayer, but then Leiaplayer opens and nothing happens.

I suggest Material Files Material Files | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
It is the best file browser for Android AFAIK.
LeiaPlayer should be able to open video files selected in there.
If not, then try playing your videos with MPV 4V. GitHub - jakedowns/mpv-android: Special fork of mpv-android with support for LitByLeia Lume Pad, RED Hydrogen One. Use with JellyFin Android for 4V Streaming :)
Jakedowns made it and it works to use the 3D, at least on the Lume Pad 1.

Thank you Ben. I know MPV and use it both in Lume Pad 1 and 2 (thanks to Jakedowns I stream 3D movies on both devices). For pictures however MPV does not help. As file browser, I use either the one installed in the device, or I was used to exploit Totalcommander, but so far I haven’t yet seen advantages in Lume Pad 2. It is a pity that the abilities of Leiaplayer have heavily reduced from the original version (in my RED H1 I can also access directly the SD card and see all kind of files; and -not in SD card- images can be edited, cropped, live zoom etc), but I understand this is both a consequence of the new Android versions and of the completely new hardware. So I look forward to see improved versions with all those features soon :slight_smile: . From a point of view of a generic user, that do not know all the progress made in hardware and how quickly Leia improves software, I can imagine that those limitations can create some disappointment.