Fix for auto launching Unity Remote from Unity

Hi all,

I noticed that the Leia Remote script managed to launch the corresponding app on the Lume and enable 4V, but doesn’t continue on to launch Unity Remote. In addition, the button inside the Leia Remote is convinced I don’t have Unity Remote installed. I believe these are both related to the same issue:

Unity has changed the package identifier for Unity Remote. It’s now com.unity3d.mobileremote instead of com.unity3d.genericremote. Changing line 86 of LeiaRemote.cs to

executeADB("shell am start -n com.unity3d.mobileremote/com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayerActivity");

enables the quick launch again for me. I assume this also needs changing in the apk to get that button working!

Hope this helps smooth over some people’s workflows!



Hi Mikesky, thansk for posting!

This is actually something that has been tripping up some of our developers too, so you are not alone! This should be fixed in our new 0.6.15 SDK which is set to be released in the next couple of weeks.