LeiaRemote not seeing Unity Remote 5 on H1

Dear All,

I have just installed LeiaRemote apk and Unity remote 5 in my Hydrogen 1 to play a bit with unity in spare time, but if I launch LeiaRemote and click the button Unity Remote, it says “Unity Remote not found”, and apparently Play Store starts where nothing appears. What I have made wrong? Thanks.
P.S. I had downloaded all the stuff some days ago from Leia so SDK is under version 0.6.14 -just seen that a new one is available.

Hello everyone,

I have uninstalled LeiaRemote from my H1, downloaded the latest version (1.0.1) and re-installed: now it works (not sure if simply due to uninstall and reinstall, or for the use of the new version)
Thanks anyway


Hi Marco,
Thanks for posting on our forums. Excuse the delay in response due to the holidays. I’m glad you got everything squared away. The problem was due to a change in the package name identifier. This was noted by out SDK and was patched out in the most recent SDK 0.6.15. A related post with their own custom solution is also available here: Fix for auto launching Unity Remote from Unity I believe this was the same issue.

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