Free apps for new users

I ordered my lumepad on 6th Jan from US Amazon.
It is on the way to Oman by this month end.

Am I still eligible for all free apps as a new user even if I activate my lume pad on Feb 2022

I just checked the Leia Appstore app on my LumePad, and it looks like the vast majority (if not all*) is still “Now Free”. I think it’s smart for them to continue that in their advertising** to attract more prospective buyers of their awesome 3D tablet.

*Some may be due to the fact I already downloaded all available apps before 2021, and it remains free because I did so.

** Actually, Leia Inc should update their advertising to no longer say “Till the end of 2021”, to “Forever”, or “Till the end of 2022”; whichever they think will incentivize a purchase. I know it worked on me. xD Hahahaha!

Hi Balaji, the Leia appstore promotion where select 3D apps are free has been extended to March 31, 2022 so you will still be eligible in February 2022. Happy Downloading!


Today’s the 1st of April - time to think about that again!