Guys I think I just accidentally bricked my RED Hydrogen One

A few weeks ago the power button on my RED Hydrogen One (which I will now refer to as H1) broke. The fingerprint reader was broken ever since I bought it on eBay. Well today was not really a good day for me, and I connected via TeamViewer to my PC to try out Stable Diffusion and just use it until the battery dies. So battery is dead, I arrive home and charge it to 75%. But it hasn’t booted and just displayed the battery status. This is usual after you recharge a phone from an empty battery. I couldn’t get it out of this mode since the power button doesn’t work. So I just pressed volume up + volume down + camera shutter button. A few seconds later the screen and the notification led (which indicates it’s charging) turned off. I plugged it in again now and I can feel the charger getting warm, so it’s defenitly not dead. But no reaction from the phone. I can’t get it turn on again. I think I’m screwed. I need a new phone. I don’t want a new phone. It’s perfect for watching youtube and reading long texts on reddit. What do I do? Please help me. Only phone I could think of is the Sony Xperia 1 III but that aspect ratio is dogshit.

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After the power button broke I used an app that wakes up the phone when you shake it. To turn it off I had a different app that would do that when you press the home button twice. And to restart it I would connect it to my PC and use Android Debug Bridge (ADB). This is my main phone what do I do?

I purchased my Red H1 from Amazon brand new & no issues whatsoever, I also looked for accessories online in case the battery dies & you can purchase a new replacement battery from AliExpress, H1 is easy to disassemble with screws & isn’t clued like most current cellphones. It might turn on again with a new battery & can be flashed that way. I’m not sure about a broken power button because I rely on a finger print scanner to log in to many apps.

I didn’t find any results for replacement parts on AliExpress. The only thing it shows me is red lip gloss lol. I guess I’m out of luck. Nothing on eBay too. Every H1 left is probably being held by collectors for the next 5 years.

I have an amazing update to share. I left my RED Hydrogen One in the fridge overnight in hope that the metal would contract and power button would work again. The reason for this is that when I started having problems with the power button it was especially on hot days. It couldn’t get it to turn on. But a few hours later it just randomly worked. However the battery was empty. Idk what happened. But I’m so happy now. I mainly use my phone for watching youtube, I just need a big 1440p screen. Now I can finally transfer the data over to my new phone and use the H1 until it’s completely unusable. The flashlight on the RED Hydrogen One is a killer feature to me. Sometimes I just put my phone upside down behind my laptop screen when I work at night. The flashlight on the Sony Phone is just straight up embarassing. I hate it. I hate Android 13, I hate OLED, I hate rounded corners, I hate this aspect ratio, I hate this phone market. It’s 2023 why are we still using PWM to control brightness?

Flashlight on the RED Hydrogen One

Flashlight on the Sony Xperia 1 IV


If you like the HO´s torchlight, you must see the Unihertz Tank 2.

A beast with 15.500 mAh, integrated LASER projector, and a MASSIVE double torchlight .