Both my red hydros WONT charge up, after filling space past 99%

I have 2 red hydros. both of which no longer will turn on.
I filled one up with pics/videos and immediately filled the other up without realizing how full it was beforehand.

I can leave either one plugged into the wall for the whole day, the red indicator light blinks slowly, thats as much response as ive gotten out of either one. NEITHER will turn on.
I make a LOT of stereoscopic content, i do all my editing etc on them. They basically have the last 3 years of my life in them.
Let me know what to try :* grazzi

did you try to keep pressed for long time the power button? Another thing that I have heard (but with Lumepad): someone was unable to charge it, but when they used a smaller charger for slow charging, they were able to switch on.

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just popped in my mind another issue that in the past I have encountered with RH1 with Verizon system: if one is charging and removes for a short while the charger and re-plug, it will indicate that the phone is charging while actually is discharging. One identifies this effect since even after unplugging sees the charger led on. In such a case the only way I have found is to unplug the charger, make a long press on the power button, and after the phone is off, it will display still the led charging for a short while, and then will go really off. At this point it is possible to plug again the charger.

I had similar issues with my Red Hydrogen One not charging some time ago. I changed the charging brick to a slower/ lower one and that worked! Maybe give that a try…