Hydrogen One Broken Power Button and Volume Down Button

I know the hydrogen is no longer supported but I would be super grateful if someone could help me with a few questions.

My Hydrogen One Titanium has a broken power button and volume down button. I do not have fingerprint recognition on so it is the actual button that has malfunctioned.

I ultimately want to repair my phone but first I want to boot it and move all files to my SD card so I don’t lose important pics and data.

  1. How can I turn the phone on?

  2. Can I change the settings to change the power on button to another button? Like volume up or camera button?

  3. Recommendations for cheapest option to repair this? Should I take it to a repair shop like ubreakIfix or mail it to a better/cheaper shop?

  4. Will the repair shop have interchangeable parts or be able to obtain the needed parts or should I purchase a broken H1 on eBay?

  5. If I need to purchase phone for parts will a regular (black or shadow) H1 be sufficient to part out or will it be necessary to find a broken Titanium model?

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