Hydrogen One question

i picked up a RH1 on ebay out of morbid curiosity haha. what a chonker. i love it

has anyone seen one with this bracket on the back? im wondering if i purchased a display model or something

Looks Like a Display model, this is definetly not a Standard Accessory. I still have one as my daily driver and I couldn’t be happyer. Have Fun with it :wink:.


Right on! I might try to remove it with a heat gun but I’ll just work around it for now.

I’m impressed with how snappy the phone is. I guess it’s not as old as I thought it was. And only one generation behind the lume pad chipset.

I’m excited to have something a little more portable to take pics with. The lume pad is great but a little clunky for pix on the go.

I hope Leia does a another phone in the future :wink:


The biggest drawback for me is the older OS, but my Hydrogen One is still my daily driver too.
I agree that a modern-edge LitByLeia phone would be astounding!

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Yeah really stinks after only 3 years to not have support. Seems like it should be able to run Android 11

There’s a complicated history of business decisions, not directly involving the Leia team or technology, that continue to prevent any major update to the OS on Hydrogen One.


yeah. totally understandable that its out of Leia Incs hands. guess there might be a way to force with rooting or something, but then we risk other software not working. so ill just live with 8 for now. haha

Yep, as far as i know there are more recent homebrew Roms Out there, but all of them lack functionality, at least to me a Hydrogen one without the 3d Camera or the 3d Screen makes no sense at all.


Agree. I had found at least android 9 for H1, but it makes no sense. At the end I do not see a real need about more recent Android versions, since they add often unnecessary features, but of course security (so I’m particularly careful about antivirus). Personally after my first H1, I bought one also for my daughter and my wife, since I think it is still impressive under any point of view. I had a Lumepad for work and now ordered one for personal use, since I like it very much, but it is difficult to use it to take pictures, or even to show pictures to friends (you do not have it always with you, which makes H1 a wonderful phone). If H1 was managed with marketing capabilities of Apple, now it would be everywhere :smiley:

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Haha thank you both for the insight. Glad there’s others out there that see the potential of such a seemingly “niche” device.

The reviews I read from the verge and the like seem so unfair looking back.

Glad Leia lives on and survived REDs Rocky handling of things.

Do either of you know if there’s a way to change the displays color temperature or white point in 3D/4V mode? It gets very (almost too) warm yellow/brown


I think that for some reason reviews from the Verge about this technology are really unfair, and often wrong. See for example here Fast 9 takes place in an alternate reality where RED’s Hydrogen phone succeeded - The Verge
where they noted that in fast&furious 9 appears H1 (I have seen it, and in fact it appears mounted in most cars during the movie, and the initial scenes used as a kind of localizer). Well, for example they wrongly state that “…lackluster camera whose hyped “4V” (RED’s brand for stereoscopic 3D)…”. Actually 4V means that you have theoretical 4x4 views (currently exploited only either as 1x4 or 4x1 allowing re-horientation). Hence 4v is not " RED’s brand for stereoscopic 3D"… And in the past I have seen in other articles the same kind of imprecisions and wrong statements in so many places that I wondered if there was something behind in the Verge articles… Even if not really positive, articles in CNET were closer to reality.
I can understand that hyping h4v has holography (even if there is some good scientific reason for this) would have disappointed some reviewers, but this is too much…

The main problem with H1 was likely marketing… They should have learned from Apple (incidentally, just for fun look at the ironic advertise of google Pixel :slight_smile: The Circle Comes Full Circle, with the new Google Pixel 5a with 5G - YouTube Really genius )

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About the color temperature: the display can go in “night mode” where you can change the display color temperature and also regulate (at least in my Verizon handset), but I do not think this should affect the way you see photos. Actually, thinking after your message, I have probably noted a too warm color in my daughter handset (that was a second hand AT&T device, that has also some small spot appearing only in 4v mode), so I’m not sure this has to be considered normal.
Incidentally, if I have to correct pictures, I generally use directly google photo on the sbs image, since you can modify anything

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Gotcha, thanks. Yeah this is a AT&T handset, and Night Light is off. Oh well, part of the little imperfections that gives it charm haha

That’s cool that photo corrections work in Google photo, I hadn’t tried that since I assumed it erased metadata, but since I made sure to check Original Quality I’ll have to give that a shot

I’ll definitely check out that link you shared tomorrow. It’s amazing how much good/bad marketing determines the life of a product or service independent of the items own merits

If you saved in Leia format, Google photo will delete metadata. I use side by side, so no problem


I just realized the pro sbs option. I hope lume pad gets that.

Edit: lmao at that Pixel ad. I hope Jony Ive is able to chuckle at that one

With my daughter we have scientifically verified that her display in 3D mode is dimmer and with more yellow than mine. I do not know the reason: mine was brand new Verizon and her is second hand A stock AT&T unlocked, so either the reason was some defect in display or simply different customization in light temperature between custom versions (maybe someone in Leia could help understanding). Anyway, nothing really troublesome. Curiously her has also some inhomogeneity at the display side, while mine is perfect (I think I’m some other thread someone mentioned this effect, not sure if in Lumepad or H1).

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that is interesting. mine has this one little area that is a little “off” in 3d mode. but yeah nothing too major.

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vs 2d mode which looks fine

given mine was most likely a display unit, it could be some kind of sun damage or burn in maybe

somehow something similar to my daughter phone (when she will allow I can try to make a picture) except is from left to right, but in your case it seems to be also a yellow area in the middle. But how did you switch on 3D with that menu? I assume is a screen shot used to measure the effect?

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It’s a display plate, usually just held on with double sided tape. Gently pry on it and it’ll pop off. applying a little heat might help too.

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