Heir of RED Hydrogen One by Leia?

I am evaluating how I could integrate the Lume Pad in my research work, and beside work, I’m very attracted personally by this project.
At the same time I am enthusiastic about my Hydrogen 1, and seen that -especially now that Leia software made really giant improvements – every single guy I show it in Italy wonders where to buy it-. My colleagues and friends do not even understand why here in Europe general people never heard about this phone…and meanwhile it already disappeared.

I have followed the H1 tale and kind understand that the failure was a sequence of youth errors, sometimes unfair reviews (especially in US), technical problems and maybe concepts too ahead of time. Probably even some error in marketing. Yet H1 concept is wonderful, since it let you have a 3D camera and unique lightfield display (maybe a bit too dark in 3D mode) always with you, along with mobile phone: as passionate, many times I have missed some nice picture just because I had not with me my Fuji W3 camera, that I bring only when travelling or in special occasions; not to mention that I needed either to have the camera with me or a 3D monitor to share moments with friends. Since I have H1, this problem no longer exists; not only: since H1 shoots very nice macro 3D, looking to Holopix it transformed every user in “Amèlie” of the French movie. And I like it: people pay attention to the details, becoming more immerse in the moment they are taking the picture.

At this point it looks to me really sad that there is no heir of H1 in future, and Lume Pad is a different thing for different use; still Leia has the ability to bring a device like that to reality…I wish Lume Pad incredible success, hoping this will bring Leia to consider also a mobile phone. I started shooting in everything in 3D since 2014, when I have discovered that Alfred Hitchcock in 1954 shot the movie “Dial M for Murder” in 3D, and he could not imagine the technology we have to enjoy his masterpiece in 3D now…

I wonder if I’m the only one doing this kind of considerations :blush:.