Hydrogen One question

Pro Mode ist definetly the way too go! It is the Best Way to Store and Share Your Files also on Programs like editing Tools.


I think the biggest Problem of the Hydrogen was that all the Reviewers expected essentially a Komodo like Camera in a Handset, that’s why it had such bad Reviews. I Love it for it’s 3D Capabilities and the nice Camera.


I think I was in one of my emulator forks (citra or virtual virtual boy, which I haven’t programmed to disable 3d mode when the shade is pulled down, tho I should look into that haha)

I totally think that was the case. And it makes sense that people would expect a phone from RED to have a super impressive camera. Guess the 4V stuff took them by surprise and instead of praising the potential it was just a disappointment. Mismanaged expectations, which like you pointed out, could’ve been overcome pretty easily with thoughtful marketing so reviewers knew where to come at it from

I hope pro mode comes to lume pad. It’s perfect

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Thanks! Man there was a ton of glue but it did come off with a gentle pry. Can’t even tell it was there now. Glad this phone has such a sturdy case. Might’ve left a mark on a more fragile phone since I didn’t even bother with heat haha

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Still pay attention to it: is more fragile than expected; you can see several phones in poor conditions sold for parts in ebay with typical damages, most commonly crack on the rear camera, crack on the display or scratches/indents over the case. I have bought a Speck case: it protects very well (even if the phone becomes much less attractive and heavier)

good point. i did notice that on several in my search. ill def get a case for it. need somewhere to put a popsocket or something anyway haha

Also have a Speck Case, it is very sturdy.

Glad to help! I use to work for RED Hydrogen and helped launch the phone in my local market. I still use mine as well…


I have tried to make a picture converting a screen shot of the setup in 3D of my daughter’s phone

Yellowish only appears depending on the angle, so is not a problem, but there are signs of some kind of “dust” or “burned” areas, that apparently do not appear in mine that was a new Verizon device(see below, sorry for the low quality)

Edit: I wonder about the possible origin of those dishomogeneities. I had noted in my daughters before and believed to be a consequence of some not perfect repair (I have found also a fragment of plastic in the SIM tray that at the beginning created me some issues). But after seeing your case and (maybe) some other mention over the forum, I’m starting to consider if they could be result of some internal overheating at the border; this could even become something to expect over time on new devices with use; I hope this is not the case, even for Lumepad (that usually in my case becomes very hot e.g. if playing Asphalt). If the origin is hence a deterioration of the DLB, it would be interesting to know if there is anything we can do to preserve the DLB of those display, or if the origin is elsewhere.

Interesting. It does seem like it’s the same band in the middle that mine has. And that yours may be developing it but maybe its not progressed as far or as quickly. I wonder if it had something to do with whatever material they use to fuse the diffraction layer to the other layers. Like oxidation over time or something.

If you tilt the phone, the yellow band will move: to me it is likely only a diffractive artifact not a defect. What looks strange is the small edge “off” in your case, that seems somehow similar to what I see to the borders of the AT&T handset. Since my understanding is that the DLB is a kind of optical waveguide, a damage at the source (the edge) will reduce the amount of light that is guided, making less bright the display like in my daughter’s case

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Oh! Derp. Just reread your previous comment. Yeah you’re right it does depend on viewing angle so probably a diffraction artifact like you say.