Anyone selling a RED Hydrogen?

Curious to know if anyone wants to part with their Hydrogen One?
Cosmetic condition isn’t the issue.
As long as the device operates, turns on, and can correctly take 3D photos.

I reside in Canada, and can pick up anywhere in Southern Ontario or arrange pick up/delivery as well.

Let me know~

There are some items on ebay. Just checked for example here

Also one in UK is selling a brand new packaged Titanium H1 (but at crazy price…).

I have bought personally several H1 on ebay, some new and some second hand. I have to say that some of them (actually several), even if new, might have a bit dark display when in 3D mode, like there was some ageing effect; I suppose those were items used for show and likely exposed to UV for long time. We discussed this in some part of this forum

Keep also in mind that you have to manually update software packages from Leia, and that it runs Adroid 8.1 (hence for some common app, e.g. Alexa) you may need to find some older version.
Apart from this, I think you will be excited by this phone. It is simply a wonderful piece of technology and, considering his current age, with impressive performance (even thanks to the old Android :slight_smile: ). Even if you get a device with the issue in the display I have mentioned (this may happen since seller typically check the 2D mode, where display does not show any issue), it is generally not dramatic, and images are vivid as well.

Thank you for such great insight, @m.farina :smiley:
I use to own HTC EVO 3D. So I know that display definitely differs in 3D mode.
But yeah, I don’t mind used models, but some display models are abused :skull:

Pretty sure I can find some OS to flash on it if needed be.
I was looking on ebay earlier on NA side, didn’t think of europe

Thanks again!