Hard reset lumepad?

I’m new to Android, so when I set up my pattern last year I’d forgotten to make sure I have Find My Device on. Now the thing is stuck. It does not offer me any options to recover the access. I used the Google Play Store to install Find Ny Device on it (it listed Leia as a device) but I get nothing under active devices in Find My Devices. I can though I see that Lumepad is connected to Wi-Fi.

Online hints are that holding Volume Up and Power upon power on for 10-15 seconds drops into the reset menu. But with LumePad I just get a loop of restart logo.

Are there any other ways to recover the pattern? If not, how do I actually hard reset the Lumepad?

Hey @braver, reach out to help@leiainc.com and they’ll get you sorted.

I emailed support, I am not exactly sure what the big secret is on doing a factor reset of a device when you can’t remember your passcode. Literally cannot find documentation on this procedure anywhere.