Helo, gyro issue?

Need help with an issue on my new lume pad 2. Just got it this week and every time i play 180 or 360 content the video keeps spinning to its left on its own i definately as if i was turning around while hilding it. I think the gyro is broken, which sucks because i specifically got this to view and share my VR content. I provided a sample video and tablet i fo via email and nobody has reapinded yet, even to simply acknowledge they are reviweing the issue. Very dissapointed so far

Did you reach out to help@leiainc.com?

If you have a defective unit they will replace it.

Yes, I sent them a sample clip and tablet info almost a week ago now and have not heard back from anyone. I was hoping it was something they could help get fixed but it seems like a hardware issue

Hello Martin! :wave:

I will check on your help ticket. We appreciate your patience. Could you please send me the clip as well as the email you used to reach out? I am also a VR 360/180 creator and understand how excited you must be to get it working for exhibition.

Marlon (marlon.fuentes@leiainc.com)

Thank you Marlon, ill forward the email now.