How to update the H1 camera app?

Replaced my H1 due to cracked screen. I know that I need to install the camera app update to get SBS mode but can’t find it anywhere. Would someone please point me in the right direction?

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Hey @cutelyaware,

All apps on Leia platforms are managed and updated through the LeiaLoft Store, which is transitioning to the Leia appstore.

The Hydrogen is no longer a supported device and doesn’t receive OS upgrades, and app upgrades are no longer guaranteed by RED.

That said, when a certificate on Hydrogen expired which caused the LeiaLoft Store updates to fail, we were able to deliver a solution to fix the problem:

LeiaLoft - RED Hydrogen

Install this updated APK of the LeiaLoft Store on your Hydrogen, and you should be able to then update all of your apps, including the Camera app for Hydrogen, aka HoloCam.

Note that there will be no more further apps of HoloCam beyond the final update in 2019, however there MAY be one or two more updates to LeiaPlayer and LeiaPix before support is dropped entirely.

Lume Pad, however, is a fully-supported device created end-to-end by Leia that will be supported for the coming years.


Worked like a charm, thanks!
Would you also share a link directly to the camera app’s APK in case the above method stops working?

Hey @cutelyaware,

Due to licensing, we can’t directly distribute other company’s apps in such a way, only our own. If we fully sunset Leia appstore on RED Hydrogen One (which may happen sooner rather than later) we will provide a solution for getting system-critical apps like HoloCam in an officially sanctioned way.

If you’d like the APK before then, please reach out to RED.