I LOVE this device! Makes me want to buy a nintendo 3Ds. Lol

All is great here and everything works fine.
I wish more of the world wide web supported 3D tablets like my moon grey LPD-10W model. Geezz. Let me know the hot links for where to get caught up on everything Lume.
Watching movies has been a breeze. Downloading apps aswell.
I look again and again for the modern combat 5 shooter to work again. Not running just yet. Aswell where I can be able to buy the apps too. I continue to look at “Glitch Dash.” Can not complete the purchase to download just yet…
I can buy movies just not game and apps? I wonder.!.
I love this Moth, I keep calling it that…
I look to by a ugo case and make this tablet a near main go to device for day to day living.
The glass screen protective cover comes out here soon. If anyone knows where to buy a legit groundbreaking otterbox for the litbyleia lume pad. Please let me know.