Is there a way to see directly Gaussian splatting images?

I have been playing a bit with Luma AI, and inserted views generated by Gaussian Splatting into my Looking Glass device. While reading the latest article in The Verge, the author mentioned that Leia has also shown on one of their display Gaussian Splatting models. I guess something that has to do with Leiaviewer, and I can imagine some possible workaround, but any further info would be useful. Is there a direct way?

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Would love to know how to do this on the Lumepad! I’ve been trying to get potree pointcloulds to work for some time. It will be very helpful for Architecture, Engineering and Construction…

We have a standalone 3D Gaussian Splat demo built on Unity. This doesn’t let you load other splats into it, however.

We do have some plans on how to do it and to bring this functionality to more people, but I don’t have anything to announce yet at this time. For now, if you want to view 3DGS, you either have to build it yourself or ask companies like Luma to build a viewer for Lume Pad 2 or LeiaSR on Windows.