Issues with Android UI

So just a feedback,
I am sure users who have been with it from the start see no concern and are use to it.

But as someone who uses Samsung One UI and iPhone UI
I can feel the missing features of the UI.
No Folder Option in the App Drawer is a huge limitation, I wouldn’t have my Home Screen cluttered with folders, and prefer them to be hidden.
App drawer also doesn’t let me rearrange. Only A-Z, Time and Frequency. No Custom?

Unless I am doing something wrong, is there native way to fix this?
I assume the ‘work around’ would be to download another Launcher?

Hey @Coffee,

The LumeUI on Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D is 100% identical to stock Android in all the features you mention.

You can either ask Google to change how Android works by default, and when they change it we may be able to update the device software, or you can download a custom launcher yourself. I use one called Console Launcher that makes my Lume Pad 2 look like a Nintendo Switch, it works great.

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Yeah, perhaps probably the reason Pixel/Nexus series never caught on for me.
Okay that make sense, so its barebone with minimal flavour of Leia Inc own launcher.

Yeah I guess I’ll try another launcher and see if I can find something similar to OneUI or alike.

The Console Launcher sounds interesting. Thanks for the suggestion @Nima!