Its there a way to root the lume pad?

So I’ve rooted all my android devices I’ve ever had. Mostly for the control. The reason I did the first time was HTC had horrible green icons at the top so changed them blue. Then I added an animation to the background on the settings pull down shade. Fun little things like that. As well as getting able to backup my apps and settings and progress in games to move to a new device… which has been incredibly useful.

Anyways I haven’t found any info on rooting this device… Is it possible? Or is it already unlocked? Where those root apps should work already, or?

For topics like that, you should try to start a thread on the XDA Developers Forum.

That’s probably a good idea. I just figured as I wasn’t able to find anything m someone on here might know a bit about it. But I’ll go post over there. Thank you.