Leia Account, App Store, and Data Transition to Lume Pad 2

I am transitioning my Leia Account, App store, and saved data from the original Lume Pad to Lume Pad 2 and have some questions.

  1. How do I display my previous library to download purchased/free promotion games without repurchasing?

I logged in to the Leia App store on the Lume Pad 2 and none of my previous purchases or game downloads appear in the library to download.

I am using a connected Leia and Google account and signing in to the store with Google just like on my original Lume Pad.

When I select settings-account-your account settings-payment-transactions it will display my purchase history even though it’s not in the library.

  1. Do all previous games/apps from Leia Store on Hydrogen One and the original Lume Pad work on Lume Pad 2?

What about APIs, SDKs, and beta apps developed for the original LumePad from the Leia official Github/Developer Resources or downloaded from third party developers GitHub, website, etc. Will they all transition, is it a case by case situation, or do they all require updates to run on Lume Pad 2?

  1. Can all original LumePad app and game saved data be transitioned to Lume Pad 2?

Some apps and games have online log in that will load saved data between devices. For Leia apps/games that don’t have this feature what is the recommended ways to transition save data?

Since the original LumePad lacked an SD card slot what are the simplest options to get all previous 4V videos and pictures from LeiaPlayer transitioned?

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I too am interested in this. Appreciate any guidance. Thank you. Cheers

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Still haven’t found a fix for this. Hopefully we don’t have to purchase everything all over again.

Just got my Lume Pad 2 today and am realizing that noting from my original Lume Pad is porting over. Same issues as OP except no previous purchases or downloads are showing in the App Store under the same account.

Almost none of the paid apps on Lume Pad 1 are available on Lume Pad 2. Which purchases are you expecting to use on Lume Pad 2?

Thanks for the reply! I guess I hadn’t considered that the Pad2 wouldn’t be backwards compatible with the liea app store offerings. I got nearly everything on the OG pad during sales or giveaway periods, so not out money perse. Just surprised. Seems that you are confirming that they are essentially separate ecosystems/app stores?

It is, BUT the developer has to make the game work on Lume Pad 2.

Because they are different SDKs, most devs like GameLoft decided to bring their newer titles to Lume Pad 2 instead of porting the older ones they had on the original Lume Pad.

If a dev did bring their app to Lume Pad 2, the purchase on Lume Pad 1 would carry over.

Makes sense. Thank you Nima!

Hey Nima, I understand but in my case the app is Asphalt Nitro 2, which is available in both app stores but it requires me to buy it again on the Lumepad 2, what should I do?