New Games on Leia Appstore

Hey everyone, we just launched some awesome new games with our partners on the Leia Appstore!

  • Vacuum Guy
  • Minute Bomb
  • Ladder Stacker
  • IIN
  • Goroons
  • Tropic Kong Penalty
  • Sugar Rush
  • Sniper Master
  • Flip the Box

Let us know what you think!

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Just a quick question. Are any of the games previously supported on LumePad 1, avaialble on LumePad 2? I ask because I had about a dozen purchased games on that tablet and it had died from a bad battery about a year ago. So I was hoping to get some or any of them back on the LumePad 2. Thoughts?

Yes, there’s some overlap between the app libraries between both devices, as many developers ported their Lume Pad apps to Lume Pad 2.

It’s gameplay mechanics, unique features, or anything else you think players might find interesting, sharing that information could engage and attract potential players.

These games actually aren’t developed by Leia. I purchased and played all the games on this list. Planning to make a video on my Youtube Channel (Josh3DIRL) to cover what each game is like and how good (or bad) they are