Compatibility between Lumepad and Lumepad 2

I was wondering what the compatibility is between the Lumepad and Lumepad 2. In pictures taken on the Lumepad 2 being shown on the Lumepad and pictures taken on the Lumepad and showing on the Lumepad 2.

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All the media files (photos and videos) should be compatible with both devices, except we’re no longer supporting Quad Lightfield files so they won’t work on Lume Pad 2, and we have a new video format LeiaCam captures on Lume Pad 2 called LVF (Leia Video Format, a type of MP4) which will not work on the original Lume Pad.

Almost all the Leia apps are the same between both, except LeiaChat and LeiaDream are new on Lume Pad 2. Leia apps have all been updated to newer versions and in some cases with newer features (like LeiaTube, with a new UI and all new conversion algorithms that are significantly better that require the new chip in the Lume Pad 2 to run).

However, games and 3rd party apps will require porting to get to Lume Pad 2, so many of the games on the original Lume Pad will not come to Lume Pad 2. Mozaik, a favorite on the original Lume Pad, will be coming to Lume Pad 2. There are dozens of games on the original Lume Pad, but Lume Pad 2 will be launching with just about a dozen at launch with a couple dozen more coming within a month or two after launch. The games on Lume Pad 2 will be much newer and we’re planning partnerships for bigger, longer, and more epic AA and AAA games launching on Lume Pad 2 in the next year. Plus other killer apps for 3D coming from 3rd party partners.


Thank you for your response. I am very much looking forward to getting the Lumepad 2

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