In Search of Leia App Release Notes

My searching on the Leia Forum has been in vain. My searches for Leia App Release Note information for LeiaPlayer, LeiaCam, etc included:

  • version in:title @Nima after:2023-05-01 - 1 hit - Lume Pad 2 OS Upgrade: LumeUI Version 1.0.48

  • release in:title @Nima after:2023-05-01 - 0 hit

  • update in:title @Nima after:2023-05-01 - 0 hit

  • LeiaPlayer in:title @Nima after:2023-05-01 - 0 hit

  • @marlon after:2023-05-01 - 23 hits - nothing relevant

  • LeiaPlayer in:title after:2023-05-01 - 8 hits - nothing relevant (just bug reports & feature requests by users)

I’m looking for this official information on updates to see if major bugs have been addressed or requested features have been added.

If there are already posted Update Release Notes, please reply with a link or two so I can revise my searches.

If I look for Leia App Release Notes in the Leia Appstore, I just get info for the latest update. No other or previous versions are listed.

When an updated version of a Leia App is released, a posting on the forum including the update version number & notes would be appreciated.


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Hey @bopper68,

Here are some examples of existing LeiaPlayer updates with release notes:

The easy way to find information about the app you want, is go to its Subcategory in the Forum. You can find it by tapping on the purple box around the app’s name on the main page of the Leia Forum. Usually, we will pin the thread for the newest update to the top of the Subcategory.

If you have a question or request for a feature that isn’t answered by the release notes, you can reach out to or make a thread with your feature request in the app’s Subcategory.

Hey @Nima.

Those examples are from Apr 2021, Aug 2022, Nov 2021 and Sept 2021.

I’m looking for Lume Pad 2 related information.
I’d be ok with Leia starting to post going forward if it is too much to ask for stuff in the last 3 months.

Ken, the Lume Pad 2 just came out a few months ago. There aren’t a lot of examples of version updates for Lume Pad 2 because there simply haven’t been many app updates yet. You can find release notes for the initial versions of apps for Lume Pad 2 by going to the threads titled “appName for Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D”.

As mentioned multiple times before, when there is an app update our policy is that we post on the Forum with more detailed release notes. As far as I can tell, there has been exactly one exception to that I found, which is for LeiaPlayer Version 4.2, which didn’t get a post because I was on vacation when it was released.

Rest assured, as exemplified by the examples posted above, when new app updates are released, there are both release notes in the Leia Appstore and more detailed release notes posted on the Leia Forums.

Thank you. And I look forward to future posts regarding Leia App update releases.

One additional item/request - Could Leia create a posting for LeiaPlayer version 4.2.39824? And in this post, can you please briefly explain what “Improved visuals for 3D Images from LeiaCam” means? This phrase is the first item in the Leia Appstore LeiaPlayer “Latest Updates” listing.