Leia Appstore Glitch

Issues with Leia Appstore version 2.1.525

I found a few store glitches while I was trying to make sure I have every app and game in the store added to my library while the free promotion is available.

I selected “library” in the appstore then sort " :heavy_equals_sign: :arrow_down: " and chose “alphabetically” then printed this list of all my apps and games

“Installed Apps & Games” had 63 titles and the end of the list was South Pole Race and Mozaik3D

“Not Installed Apps & Games” had 37 titles and the end of the list was Solar Flux 4v

“explore” then “apps” then sort " :heavy_equals_sign: :arrow_down: " and chose “alphabetically”

Had 13 titles and the end of the list was WRLD Demo and Mozaik3D

“explore” then “games” then sort " :heavy_equals_sign: :arrow_down: " and chose “alphabetically” and printed both

Had 100 titles listed and the end of the list was Turbocity 4v

(Issue #1)
Mozaik3D is not in alphabetical order in any list. Always appears at the bottom of any list.

(Issue #2)
Library (list#1) is not displaying all my owned or installed titles. Missing 17 titles start alphabetically with Space War Arena and end with WRLD Demo. Missing titles include both installed and not installed games/apps.

(Issue #3)
Explore games (list#3) is not displaying all the games available in the store. The end of the list is Turbocity 4v but should be Voxel Perfect. Other games I have noticed missing from this list are Twist & Shoot, UFO Quest, and Unlock the King.

I think the problem is the Appstore can only display a max of 100 titles in a list.

If you add Installed and Not Installed titles on list#1 it equals 100. I tried downloading the game at the top and bottom of the Not Installed alphabetical list. They immediately appeared in the correct order on the Installed list changing the numbers to Installed 65 Not Installed 35. When I downloaded a game missing from this list it did not get added to my Installed list, so this list is displaying the first 100 titles in Alphabetical order and hiding the rest regardless of whether or not they are installed.

You see the same issue in list#3 which only displays the first 100 games in Alphabetical order and if you change the sorting from alphabetical to latest releases it also only displays the newest 100 games hiding the older releases so it isn’t an issue with alphabetical sorting.

Since there are only 13 apps available you don’t see any of these problems with it’s alphabetical or newest release list.

This glitch means there is no way to see your entire library after passing 100 titles and game developers with titles starting with T-Z will not show in the alphabetical store putting them at a disadvantage for potential sales. Please look into a fix for this.

The only games I have found missing from the alphabetical list are Twist & Shoot, UFO Quest, Unlock the King, and Voxel Perfect. If anyone notices any others missing please let us know.