Mozaik3D free files not working

After downloading the Mozaik3D app I was able to access a small number of free files that came with it. I found these to be very interersting, and as a result I was considering the purchase of more files. Sadly however, those free files have lately refused to load. I have tried deleting the Mozaik3D app and re-installing it from the Leia appstore, but still the free files refuse to load. Can anyone suggest a solution to this issue?

I had same problem and contacted directly Mozaik3D support; they have said that the problem should be fixed in a next update, but this happened at the end of August… and I haven’t seen any update.

Sorry for the delay, but we’re in contact with Mozaik and we’re working on it.

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Thank you Marco and Nima - I appreciate your taking an interest in this topic.

Update; following contact via this forum, I am pleased to report that the free files are now accessible with my copy of the Mozaik3D app. May I thank anyone who assisted, (perhaps behind the scenes?) with this matter.


Thank you to @Nima : by chance I have seen that finally Mozaik3D had an update and is back working; I will exploit with my son :slight_smile: