When is the update coming?

Any idea when the updates will be coming along? Not looking for exact dates or anything but are we talking about weeks or months or middle of 2024 kind of range?

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App updates have started to release, and there will be more app updates in the next month or two and more releases and updates in early 2024.

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Leia player now shows external drives but good luck getting anything to play properly, its buggy as heck and gets stuck loading all the time. Simple 3D videos on either an SD card or external drive never actually load, only black screen until times out. Can we get a fix?

Works perfectly on our end. It’s been QA tested for months now.

Can you provide the following info:

  1. The file formats and codecs of the files you’re using
  2. The model of MicroSD card and/or USB storage device you’re using
  3. The file system format of the external device you’re using
  4. The resolution and file size of the files you’re loading

It’s not an issue with the storage type or file format. I have finally finished letting the drive fully “load” on the player and the navigation and playback are back to normal. Not sure what type of testing you did but I would suggest loading either a 1TB microsd card with over 500GB of 3D movies or an external drive with over 1TB of media for the first time so you can see what I mean. I have a combination of h.264 and h.265 8k videos from the canon r5c and ripped 3D movies. The larger the amount of content on the external storage the first time you try to access it, the longer it takes to fully “load” I simply let the player take its time to load my microsd card the first time and after every single one of my 3D movies had its thumbnail generated on the leia player navigation window the playback worked just fine. Seems like an initial cache type of a situation and I simply have a lot of media on my external storage when first attempting to access it.

That’s literally exactly what I have. Works great for me, caches quick. You may be using slow storage media.

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