Leia Player version 4.2.39824

Great news got Leiaplayer to update, by clearing storage and cache in the app Leia Appstore

I have not looked at all the changes, but two good ones so far Skate_wheels. Jpg displays correctly.

Even better my MPO files now show correctly
The MPO pictures look very good and you can view them from a USB pen connected to the USB port.
Great work Leia many thanks, keep up the great work

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Thank you, Leia, for releasing this update so quickly!


Wait just a minute… I tried a bunch of MPOs, and it looks like they are still being re-converged in LeiaPlayer, sometimes with disastrous results. Previous posts by Nima led me to believe that MPOs were going to be treated like SBS JPGs, i.e. displayed WITHOUT re-convergence. What happened to that plan?

Sorry to hear that
Are you certain that Leiaplayer has updated.
Untill it did my MPO files would not display correctly.
If you check the vertion of Leiaplayer after tapping the update in the Appstore you may see 4.2.39824 but Leiaplay still works like the old vertion and MPO files do not display correctly.

I only managed to get the update to download and install in Leiaplayer after cleaning the storage and cache of the Leia Appstore.

I have pictures from my Finepix Real 3D W3
I can load my MPO files on to internal storage or view from a USB pen from the USB port.

I just tap on the MPO files and they opened correctly

Another check to see if LeiaPlayer is updated check out the sample Skate_wheels. Jpg.
This did not display correctly on the old version of Leiaplayer, but displays correctly now on the new vertion of Leiaplayer

Also Leia Appstore should stop asking you to update Leiaplayer

Hope this helps

Thanks, Roger. I did everything you said (cleared the Leia Appstore storage and cache before the update, checked Skate Wheels afterward, etc.). The display of MPOs definitely changed, but they still look bad. I can only conclude that this update did not do what I was expecting. It would really help the users, and prevent misunderstandings, if Leia would issue Release Notes for these updates.

Hi sorry you still have a problem
After you cleared the storage and cache of Leia Appstore
Did Skate_wheels. Jpg displays correctly.
Did Leia Appstore stop asking you to update Leiaplayer.
If not the update may not of downloaded

Other users have ways that they say works.
Please search through posts.
Try user Juan Doe and Brian Reese
Also please contact support and report the problem
Best of luck

After the update the skate wheels image still looks weird. Also still no SBS or animation export

If you go to Leia Appstore liberty does it still show update tab against Leiaplayer

Yes! It seems even if I push the Update button, it does nothing, after a few seconds the Update text changes to Open (like it succesfully updated the App), but if I force close Leia App Store and open again it still show the same update to LeiaPlayer.

I have problems with almost all Leia Apps since I bought the Nubia Pad, also on my original Lume Pad

It looks like you have not updated Leiaplayer
I had the same problem.
So I went to settings, apps, found Leia Appstore.
Went to storage and cache, cleared cache, then cleared storage.
Then I went back to Leia Appstore, library.
Tape the update tab against Leiaplayer, it then jumped to Leia player and I got the loading circle and Leia player updated.
I now don’t get the update tab against Leiaplayer in Leia Appstore Library.
Hope this helps

Thank you, it worked!
Previously I deleted only cache, not storage. Now clearing also storage is working and that image looks correctly.

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Great news glad to help. The new screen has a great resultion.
Looking forward to more software updates.

I hope we get in Leiaplayer all the picture edit tools as found on the original Lumepad, plus pinch to zoom and tap to expand ad found on the original Lumepad.

The new device is very good and will get even better in time as the updates roll out.

The next update I hope to see soon is to LeiaPix, to sort out the the low resolution preview tads and pictures when you first go in the LeiaPix, as you move around the Tabs and pictures they display correctly.

Also please bring back the Newest tab as seen in LeiaPix as seen on the original Lumepad.

Great work Leia on this first update to Leiaplayer.