The "_noreconv" option doesn't work in LeiaPlayer

Here is something else for the LeiaPlayer team to look at: In a post on the Photo3D forum, Nima said that adding “_noreconv” to an LIF filename will prevent the player from trying to re-converge the image. I tried this with Skate_Wheels.jpg, a sample LIF image that was discussed in another thread here, but it did nothing. I renamed “Skate_Wheels.jpg” to “Skate_Wheels_noreconv.jpg”, but it displayed exactly the same (with incorrect and unviewable convergence). I know the team is busy with other issues, but I just wanted to report this. Thanks.

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Yes, this is the same convergence bug that has been mentioned in other places on the Forum. Luckily, we have an internal build already that fixes the issue. Our plan is to get it buttoned up and tested and released within the month.


Hi I hope the new Leiaplayer be a fix for MPO pictures problem as well.
I hope that tap to expand, pinch to zoom and all the picture edit features as seen on the original Lumepad will be included in the update