Leia Camera Mode

Hi there, sorry, new to Leia and have a very basic question. What is the difference between 4V and ST mode? Thanks.

Welcome to the community! ST mode only shows two views (Stereo) while 4V shows 4 views at different angles: if the original was shot with a stereo camera, the additional views are software interpolated. Interpolation works very well but in some cases can generate artefacts and looking at those picture is ST mode can be useful.


Thank you Marco! If I can expand on this more, if I take a picture using the Leia Cam and it is a 2D shot, and I view it on 4V vs ST mode, what is the difference there? The reason I ask is it seems when I view the pictures on ST mode, the images pop more (seems like it is in your face more) vs 4V (there is that 3D effect as well but not as prominent).

You are welcome. If you shoot in 2D, then it will appear the possibility of converting in 3D; in this case you only see 2D or 4V mode. However if you shoot in 3D, you can choose 2D, ST or 4V. In 4V you can choose the depth by editing the picture; the fact that you see more pop up in ST is only because in 4V they are conservative by default; you can change it the way you prefer to have more pop up.

Hi Marco, sorry for the late reply and thank you once again for the wonderful explanation. Take care.

Hello, The only way I see to put anything up is to reply to something. I am new to this and have had my Pad for 3 days. I still can not use the camera or the suite. Screen just goes black. I have read heaps of pages and downloaded the latest and still nothing, very frustrating. I have even typed to HELP, and have done what they suggest, still black screen. I seem to do more on my PC than on the LumPad…