Is it now impossible to view true stereoscopic photos?

I updated to LeiaViewer 3.0. Now I cannot find a way to view my stereoscopic images without the automatic conversion to 4V. 4V conversion often ruins stereoscopic images. It is fun for converting 2D to an approximation of 3D, but truly stereoscopic images don’t need the 4V treatment. The primary reason I got a LumePad was to view my own stereoscopic photography. Will I ever be able to do that again?

Hey @rico3D,

Simply go to Settings and turn on “Advanced 3D View Mode” to enable the ST option.

We found that having two options for 3D viewing was confusing and unintuitive for new users without 3D experience, so we disabled the feature by default. However, for 3D enthusiasts like yourself it’s a simple button to re-enable it.


Oh! Okay. That works. Thank you for your help.

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I’m just getting caught up and real happy that I can convert images to SBS for other stereo devices.

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