Leia Logo is all broken up

Here’s a video.

No idea what’s going on here. I’ve changed nothing.

It’s kind of tricky to figure out what settings will make the Leia remote happy. Based on

it sounds like the Leia remote.cs component is not engaging the backlight on the Hydrogen. We can fix that.

For the Leia remote.cs to engage the backlight, you need the

  • Leia remote.cs component attached to an object in the scene
  • Unity build target to be Android
  • Game view resolution to be 2560 x 1440
  • LeiaCamera component attached to a gameObject with a Camera in the scene

(see attached image)

And the remote needs to have these remote settings -

Any Android device && Resolution: normal


I hadn’t noticed that my resolution was set to 2960x1440, not 2560x1440. I blame tiny fonts. (not really)
However while that correction removed the vertical striations from the remote viewer on device, the 3D effect is still not apparent when using LeiaRemote.

In all other ways I’ve followed your instructions.

All right, I replicated your issue with the LeiaRemote failing to engage the backlight. Here’s my solution for

Case: Unity build target is Android, and I have LeiaCamera and LeiaRemote components on a Camera in the scene. But when I click “Play” in Unity, the device’s backlight does not engage.

The point of failure in this case was dev mode options.

If the Hydrogen is not in dev mode:

  • Go to the Settings app, search for “About phone”, scroll to bottom, push “Build number” 7 times
  • In Settings app, search for “Developer options”, ensure options are “On”, go to “Debugging” and ensure “USB debugging” is enabled
  • Restart the Hydrogen

Now, when you click “Play” in the Unity editor, and play a scene with a LeiaRemote.cs component in the scene, this will engage the Hydrogen’s backlight.

That provoked a new issue for me:

Case: I click “Play” in the Unity editor, and the LeiaRemote turns the Hydrogen’s backlight on, but now no content streams from the Unity editor to the Hydrogen. (Hydrogen waits for 20+ seconds on Unity Remote 5 screen with backlight on)

The issue in this case seems to be that Unity needs to restart everything to recognize the new device settings.

Steps to resolve:

  • Disconnect Hydrogen, open Unity
  • In Unity, set Edit → Project settings → Editor → Unity remote → device = Any Android Device
  • Totally close Unity
  • Open Unity Remote 5 app on Hydrogen
  • Connect Hydrogen by USB to Unity machine
  • If prompted, set Android System → Use USB to… to “Charge this device”.
  • If not prompted, drag down notification bar from top of Hydrogen, select Android System → Use USB to … “Charge this device”
  • Open Unity, open scene, play scene

This resolves a Unity issue where Unity would fail to stream content to the Hydrogen using the Unity Remote.

Got it to work. The only change I made was to make the Resolution in ProjectSettings/Editor = Normal instead of Downsize. Now it all works through LeiaRemote as intended.

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