Leia Render Camera - Culling Mask


In my game, we use a camera to show a 3D character animation for their intro. We send that image to a material used in an animation (see HERE). However, when I try to use a Leia Camera there, I get the boss with the solid color as background, instead of showing it with transparent background.

From what I’ve discovered, the culling mask set in my Unity camera is not the same as the one in the Leia Render Camera created on runtime. But I cannot find a way to make this work.

Could you give me any solution to this?


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Hi Carlos,

My name is John. I work at Leia Inc. on the Unity SDK.

A brief overview:

  1. The LeiaCamera Componet gets camera settings from your initial Unity Camera.
  2. The LeiaCamera Component passes those camera settings to the LeiaViews. The n LeiaViews render content.
  3. The LeiaRenderCamera composites the data of the LeiaViews into a final output that goes onscreen.

So the LeiaRenderCamera doesn’t need to have a culling mask with anything enabled, since all of the data that we wish to view comes from the LeiaViews.

The most likely issues are one of the below

  1. the Component that would apply a background to your Unity Camera, is not being detected and automatically applied to your LeiaViews
  2. the Component that is applying a background to your LeiaViews, is not having a property updated, resulting in a solid color background

Can you use a tool like the Unity Frame Debugger to see what is being rendered into your LeiaViews?

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Hey John!

I didn’t manage to solve it that way. We had to make a shader that works as a Chroma Key to remove the background, but now it works very similar as we had before.


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