Hi! does Leia Plugin support Movie render que or Level sequencer?

Hi! your product is amazing! it is really futuristic and easy to use and actually using AI for better media experiance!

I’m rendering videos with UE5 using movie render que.
and i want to compare between Leia’s AI powered 3D depth effect and actually rendered stereoscopic 3d view.

but it seems like leia plugin only support in game pawn’s viewport to render stereoscopic.
i want to do offline render stereoscopic videos with using nanite and lumen.
is it possible using leia plugin?
or should i render stereoscopic manually? by adjusting camera distance and focal lendgth?

I rendered with Leia Cine camera Pawn actor but the green debuglines are keep showing and i’m not sure is this good render

Okay so the green and yellow debuglines are solved by disabeling Display Frustum Checkbox

and changed exposure method to manual.
but still i don’t know is this good render for Leira Tablet and how to Play it on the screent