Leia with Unreal Engine 5?

I see on the dev portal there is UE5 support coming soon. Any news when that will release?

We’re currently hoping for something by this summer.


Okay, thanks.

Sounds great - support for UE5 would be fantastic - not to sure how it would work? Would we need to record a 3d video in UE5 and play back on 3d pad? or would there be real-time support for actual game play in UE5. Not to worry if this is not yet known - just curious!!

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It would be real-time for apps and games built in UE with our SDK for Lume Pad 2, just as with prior Leia products.

If you want to just capture videos for viewing on Lume Pad 2 in Unreal Engine, you can do that right now. Just set up Unreal Engine to render stereoscopically in SBS and do a screen capture, then play that back in LeiaPlayer on Lume Pad 2.

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Sounds great. Many thanks for the feedback.

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