LeiaPix Converter "full size" downloads are not full size?

I don’t know if I’m posting this in the right sub-forum, but I tried the LeiaPix converter website on my Lume Pad, and downloading the 3D result does NOT give a full-sized image (either SBS, LIF, or GIF) when the “full size” button is selected. (I am interpreting “full size” to mean the same size as the input 2D image, but the downloaded results are much smaller.)

The conversion seems to work, and I know this is an experimental capability, but is there some undocumented size limit on the images? (If so, perhaps you should not call the downloads “full size”.)

Not complaining; just trying to understand the converter. Thanks.

They are “Full Size” in the sense they’re the full size of the images that have been converted.

Images over a certain resolution are compressed to a specific maximum resolution when uploaded. This is done to make the upload and conversion process significantly faster for users. Small enough images are unaffected.

This value is something we’re still playing with and will be changed in the next update for LeiaPix Converter.

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Thanks for the explanation. I have a suggestion: When the user uploads a photo, if it has to be downsampled for the conversion, the website should display a message, something like “Image is being reduced in size to NNNN x MMMM for processing.” If that was done, the term “full size” might make more sense.


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