LeiaPlayer 2.0 Beta available now

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for sticking with us and being patient on these updates. We’re eager to get your feedback on the 2.0 release, so please sound off here in the thread!

2.0.21441 Release Notes:

  • 4View thumbnails
  • Redesigned gallery UI
  • Simplified save workflow
  • Redesigned editor with sliders
  • Swiping between adjacent media
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Thanks John!

Guys, make sure you have opted-in for LeiaPlayer Beta access through the LeiaPlayer App by tapping on the top right corner menu Dot_Menu and then into Settings.


Thank you will check it out.

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Hi just updated the RED Player and now whenever it opens it crashes as soon as it opens. Can’t open it :frowning: at all.

Hi there!

First, I’m very sorry to hear that. I apologize that you already crashed!

I just checked the log and we’ve never seen this crash before. Do you by chance have your language set to anything beside English?



Do you have any stored media on your phone that has a file name with non-latin characters or symbols?

Hi @john.friday No it’s set to English, and just went through my files and couldn’t find non-latin characters or stumbled.

Got it. I will PM you a customized APK which should fix this for you.

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Nice! Thanks @john.friday - It’s so SNAPPY!! Will run through it and play around as much as I can after work!


Sounds good Ethan! Thanks so much for your support :slight_smile:

Hi all!!

@john.friday, I’m unfortunately having the same issue. I’ve checked through my files and don’t seem to have any non-Latin characters. My language is also set to English.

I love the new update!
Working correctly on my spanish language system.
The only thing is a bit slow when applying editing on the editor, but it works flawlessly

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I had that problem and what fixed it was removing the # symble from some of my file names example “converted#1_2x1” to “converted 1_2x1”. Hope that helps.

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@john.friday, I’m unable to post any H4V photos to Holopix after editing them in the beta player.

From within Holopix, I get the following error:

The three black squares are images I edited in the beta.

From the beta player, I get the following:

Is the H4V metadata still compatible with Holopix v1.8.15?

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It appears that the invalid format is caused by cropping the photo.

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I like the improved Brightness and Contrast behavior, more “curved” now. But it apparently increases Saturation when moving to higher Brightness or lower Contrast values.

One other thing I’d really like to see is better Bokeh. The current implementation just increasingly blurs the background behind the focus point. The out-of-focus foreground, however, doesn’t blur like with a real camera. And the available depth info could be better used for real lens-like bokeh especially for point- and highlights. Here is an example, with the current background blur:

Cookies 1.0.3

And here with foreground bokeh and realistic lens effects, see the difference in the light reflections in the window and the lower left corner:

Cookies 1.0.4


Hi Arturo!

Please update to player version 2.1, where we’ve added logging info to see where your crash is coming from. Also, please let me know if you’re still experiencing the same crash in 2.1, and if so, at what time and timezone.



Hi Stuart,

I apologize for the inconvenience. This is a Holopix bug which will be fixed in the next release coming later this month.