Stumbled across this new patent filed called LeiaStream. Any chance this is the H4V version of YouTube so we can finally share videos?

Looking at the list of patents and trademarks filed recently looks like the Leia team has been busy. Can you guys give any info on this or is it all secret? :alien:

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@wbs101 You caught us! :smirk:

It’s not exactly top secret, but, yes LeiaSteam has been in development in the background and we are looking to give an online home for sharing (and streaming) Lightfield videos.

We’ll have more to share soon enough!

-Darren from the Leia team


Awesome been patiently waiting for this, definitely my most wanted update. Hopefully it will have the ability to edit H4V videos or that feature will be added to Leia Player. Any chance a video trim will be added soon? Got a lot of useless video clogging my storage at this point.

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Interesting idea! Just passed that along to the team! :wink:

-Darren from Leia